Endearing  young fogey Miles Jupp is ruminating on the neutral shades of his key demographic’s trousers (beige, grey, nutmeg maybe?) He knows what side his bruschetta’s pated on, after all.

He starts in earnest with a riff on how he accidentally followed his own audience out after a show- his audiences tend to be ‘as if I had died and gone to Waitrose’, he grins- and in this instance, got slightly obsessed after overhearing criticism from one man, a typically pedantic Middle Englander, who didn’t find him edgy enough.


It’s this typically exasperated erudite outburst that is key to what makes him so funny: as with other comedic curmudgeon Dylan Moran, he’s fully aware of human failings, and this malaise fuels his best material, punctuated with brilliantly timed stammers and sighs (from a man out of time.) Nobody dares heckle the entire show, so charming is his company; the vulnerability and anger alike keep everyone on side .

Indignation trickles into a tidal wave of middle-class outrage, via his disproportionate rage at among other things: trainspotters; his wife ‘hiding things’ around the house, Prince Charles and his Duchy Original biscuit range, Australians in general, and his own unfailing politeness.

A fondness for tea is tempered ‘always with plenty of milk,I don’t want to unleash the beast within’, and there’s an awkward but brilliant section on how his five children mirror and emulate his frustrations-‘that’s a fucking HUGE Tesco!’ heard emanating from the back of his car. If some of his musings on family disappoints on occasion, it’s only through familiarity (male comics love this prosaic dad stuff, even Simon Munnery and Dylan Moran) and thankfully it doesn’t last longer than it should.

His cringeworthy stint as a restaurant critic at an achingly hipster place fares much better, and has more punch (or in this case, the house red) further cementing his outsider status. Never mind a ‘typical Jupp fan’ with sartorially sound beige chinos- an incandescent puce seems de rigeur with him, and he wears it well.

(Lorna Irvine)

Miles Jupp is touring. For more information, head to:









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