Review: Ibibio Sound Machine-Uyai


Photo:Dan Wilton


It’s a year of all-change for Ibibio sound Machine. New album, new record label and a massive forthcoming tour.Their second album Uyai (which means ‘beauty’) the follow-up to their eponymous debut, sees their Afrobeat/electro/house hybrid take on issues around identity, transience and empowerment. Lead singer Eno Williams is a compelling frontwoman, and her insistent, rich vocals in Ibibio and English are as powerful and outspoken as her own personality.

Current single Give Me A Reason is a strident response to misogyny, focusing on the Boko Haram kidnapping, whereas The Pot is On Fire and The Chant come from more traditional African storytelling. Emmanuel Rentzes’ synth lines and the fiery Nigerian Highlife-inspired percussion are both danceable and hugely addictive.Music to move mind and body.


Out now on Merge Records, touring. For more information head to the website:


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