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Atlanta punk trio The Coathangers are my kinda women… defiant, outspoken, funny and smart,with riffs as cool as their garagey style. Their forthcoming EP Parasite is the follow-up to the critically-acclaimed last album Nosebleed Weekend , released in the summer and they are embarking on a massive tour, so catch them live if possible.

The front cover shows the trio as evil-eyed sirens, luring ships to certain doom. Of the similarly -themed Captain’s Dead,  lead singer Julia Kugel says,’It’s feeling stormy (in American politics)- the ships made out of shit will sink themselves’. Amen to that.

(Lorna Irvine)

the coathangers ep

Parasite EP tracks:


Wipe Out

Captain’s Dead

Down Down


Catch them on tour in May and June. Parasite EP is released on June 30th via Suicide Squeeze Records. Sea green vinyl is available, limited to 2000 copies


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