The Future’s Here Today: Urban Farm Hand

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Musician, producer and film maker Ben Seal who is based in Fife is a major joy and talent, one of indie’s best kept secrets. He produced Michael Marra’s last album and more recently has collaborated with Bella Hardy (producing her critically-acclaimed album With The Dawn)Inge Thomson, Karine Polwart and on a forthcoming project with Eliza Carthy. His music is dense, delicate and witty, straddling many genres like film noir-esque doo-woop, folk, indie, electro and pop.It’s this restless nature which makes him truly fascinating.

A sense of transience permeates through his films, which focus on nature, alienation and communication in these difficult times. If you have ever gazed out of a train window listening to something atmospheric you will love his beautiful, moody landscapes.’Pissing rainbows since 2006′, indeed!

The album Tell Me the Place under the moniker of Urban Farm Hand, his latest solo project, was released on January 27th , to great reviews. Where he will travel next is anyone’s guess, but it certainly won’t be prosaic, or easy to pigeonhole.

(Lorna Irvine)

The single is released on March 24th. For more information go to:

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