Review: Sir Was-Digging A Tunnel


diggingGothenburg’s Sir Was , aka Joel Wastberg, is a multi- instrumentalist whose new album Digging A Tunnel may make the end of year album best of lists. It’s simply lovely.The title track feels like the late wonder Prince pared down to his gospel roots with a simple drone and handclaps. Sonically speaking, it’s clear bands like Animal Collective are as much of an influence-Heaven In Here drips with woozy trippy prettiness.


Lo-fi funk also informs the poppy single In the Midst, with elements of Beck’s mid-era material and Royksopp’s debut.But Sunsets Sunrises is perhaps the most  intriguing-a metronomic drama with minimal piano and birdsong. Wastberg’s various eccentricities are the listener’s reward-it’s an album which really curls up and embraces you, if you bear with it.


Out March 10th on City Slang


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