Lusine’s Sensorimotor is the best kind of electronic music-it affects your internal organs as well as your brains when you hear it. Dizzying pulses and clicks subtly emerge,disorientating and strangely beautiful, like an unfamiliar landscape which is also welcoming. The Seattle-based composer/ musician Jeff McIlwain disorientates as well as delights, and it’s no coincidence that he scores for films, as there is a cinematic edge to even his most low-key material.


Chatter weaves the eerie minimalism of Steve Reich into Aphex Twin at his most ambient and stately. Tropopause takes you into the heart of a machine-it buzzes like a factory plant.

Two of the vocal tracks are full of warmth,but no less odd. Witness, which features Benoit Pioulard, wraps his fragmentary vocals around choppy synths and the track composed with his wife Sarah McIlwain, Ticking Hands is poppier, almost euphoric, no matter how scratchy the gender-blending,yearning double vocals, which reference the time and distance between them when they are apart.

Let the machine take over- this is a beautiful album for those who like music which is as hard to pin down as it is accessible.

(Lorna Irvine)

Out on Ghostly International, March 3rd


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