Cover art by Maria Aparicio Puentes and Adan Carlo

Half Waif who are the trio Nandi Rose Plunkett, Zack Levine and Adan Carlo,based in Brooklyn, walk the line between dream-pop, electro and folky sonics. This is especially true of divine new EP, Form/A, which burbles and pulses with invention like early Throbbing Gristle colliding with the Neptunes. Plunkett’s angelic vocals wash over all the songs, creating glitchy synthy soundscapes with feeling. Night Heat is like an R’N’B confessional, an otherwordly experience and Frost Burn has Plunkett candidly singing of relocating to somewhere she thought would be peaceful, only to find,’On my island/I cannot keep out all the violence’.

It is this sense of restlessness which drives the sound, blurring boundaries and genres. Plunkett was as influenced by Americana /country singers and classical music like Debussy as pop growing up.Their instrumentation too has a wordly focus, fusing the kind of deep percussion that can be found in folk and world music, with dance and indie. Their tour continues across February and March, culminating in the legendary South By South West festival on March 13th-17th.



Photo: Landon Speers

Form/A is released on Cascine on February 24th


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