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Sex pest, leery lothario or sleazebag, Matt Berry can do it all. He is an endearing enough little tyke though, with his prog fetish and his rich buttery baritone, so I can forgive the typecasting.Here are but some of his finest sartorial choices. ‘Yeee-eeeeeerrrrrrs’.


Beef. What a relief. This is Berry as Beef in Vic and Bob’s meta-sitcom House of Fools. Great flapping lapels; thick yellow belt, that unmistakable scent of Hai Karate- this look has it all.

The 80s. I was there. You were there… oh, how we suffered. Not the Berry, though, he CLEARLY LOVED it: here he is, rocking the Jane Fonda’s workout vibe in The IT Crowd; or channelling a more sensitive Lady Di flick in Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace. Commanding, virile, active. Pop balladeer springs to mind- soft furnishings, catalogue models.


Pic (C) The Telegraph

More casual, a little off-duty here, dare I even say insouciant, yet still there is something unmistakably Hoff in the red striped detail. The abandoned warehouse backdrop says, ‘I don’t have to try too hard. I simply am‘.


Wee-eeeell, he’s always been one for the birds. Rustic Matt, pictured here on his record sleeve, still retains an aura of mystery.  Is that a cloak? A metaphor too far, perchance? Would that we could tame him, as easily as this (probably stuffed)  bird.


Image  from BBC

Beef again, knowing that the entrance is the thing (steady). The frivolous flung scarf; felt hat, kipper tie and wait… are those stacked heels? He’s just dandy, a statement maker with his every gesture. But now, we must depart. A bientot, Matt Berry- never, never au revoir.

(Spoilt Victorian Child)

Matt Berry acts and tours and that. See stuff here, should you take the notion:


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