Review: Tycho- Epoch


Picture: Lauren Crew

Tycho, aka Scott Hansen, may well make 2017’s best of lists. Epoch was recorded in his home studio in California, and should sate fans of Four Tet, Bonobo, Caribou, Aphex Twin in mellow mode, and Todd Terje. It’s incredibly self-assured synth pop, with occasional nods to the 80s, as with Slack and Division which are slick and streamlined as a Porsche on an American highway; or simply blissed-out and ambient with shades of Boards of Canada and The Radiophonic Workshop’s wiggly lines (Continuum, Receiver).

The title track is an epic proposition, pulling together from more recent influences- it’s euphoric European sunrise music for the post-rave generation, with modern production values.But Local ‘s murky guitar by Zac Brown sees it treading  darker territory, even going a little Gothic.Nice contrasts throughout keep the listeners on their toes. The full band continue their UK/European tour throughout 2017 and should be on festival goers’ wishlists everywhere come summertime.


Epoch is released on Ghostly International on January 20th.



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