Review: Soundtrack 7-FKA twigs



This film premiere, screened last night on BBC4, is a much-needed slice of contemporary dance on TV.

Filmed at Manchester International Festival, FKA twigs’ (real name Tahliah Debrett Barnett) residency shows her as pugilist as much as sensualist. Her movements are sculptural yet always sinewy, reflecting the push and pull of her rough-hewn or delicate music, which straddles hip-hop, dream pop and R & B. It’s sweetly cooing, or disturbing and violent. Ultraviolet, Good to Love and a stunning  Mothercreep among others are shot in eerie lighting by Tobias Rylander.

Accompanying her tough, haunting routines, choreographed by Aaron Sillis, twigs recites Thomas Wyatt’s elegiac poem I Find No Peace.It is chopped up into seven chapters, as are the individual dances. She has described the work as being all about ‘flesh, sweat, muscle;no air brushing or frills’, and that is exactly apposite.

A superb and visceral antidote to the tyranny of Strictly Come Dancing.



Stills by Paula Harrowing

Available on BBC i Player, or on FKA twigs website




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