Review: Immersion-Analogue Creatures…


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Immersion-Analogue Creatures Living on an Island

This splendid and rather wonderfully titled project by Colin Newman of Wire and fellow sonic adventurer Malka Spigel from Minimal Compact is a post-ambient album which would sound equally at home soundtracking a road trip along a desert terrain as a sci-fi or horror film.

Its burbling synth textures on Nanocluster can be brimming with malevolence,or a retro warmth (Spinner reminds me of 70s educational films with benignly smiling automaton- like presenters showing experiments with crash test dummies).

It is that eerie calm that is both disturbing and reassuring-all attractive, wipe-clean white surfaces and ergonomic design, hinting at something more sinister lurking within. In short,if Mia, the beautiful synth from Channel 4 series Humans played by Gemma Chan ever picked up a keyboard, it might sound like this. Gorgeous, but not quite of this world-a facsimile of something pulsing with life.

Mechanical Creatures pulses and buzzes like an insect colony and Slow Light features an almost  medieval melody-line droning in a laboratory,which ebbs away to a very human sounding breath .

Beautiful, strange,disconcerting, and utterly hypnotic- but don’t play it alone at night or it may feed your dreams with insidious notions.



Released on November 25th on swim




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