Review: Tanya Tagaq-‘Retribution’



Photo contributed

Inuit throat singer punk Tanya Tagaq’s fourth album ‘Retribution’ is not an easy ride;nor should it be,given her subject matter: capitalism, greed,death,the destruction of the planet.

Of course her voice is her instrument-never better than on predatory ‘Aorta’, a low,feral growl,rising to a scream on the title track which howls with malevolence. ‘We turn money into god… money has spent us’,she warns to a thumping industrial beat. ‘Retribution will be swift’.

But to categorise this album would be a lazy disservice. ‘Centre’ fuses her extraordinary vocals with rapper Shad and her cover of Nirvana’s  ‘Rape Me’ with pagan drumming seems like as eerie and unsettling way to end an album, whispered, disquieting,lost in the wilderness. An incredible album, a protest, a statement of intent like no other. Totally uncompromising.

(Lorna Irvine)


Out now on Six Shooter Records



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