Review: Keep Dancing at Theatre Royal, Glasgow


GI Joes and Janes- picture,ATG.

This show should have included the warning: ‘contains Gloria Estefan’. While I appreciate all forms of artistic expression, I am baffled by the inclusion of Estefan and Ricky Martin as ‘Latin music’- why no Tito Puente?! The audience would love more authentic Latin music.

Issues of the equivalent of a package holiday soundtrack aside, Keep Dancing is a slick, well-honed show, seemingly set to random on an i Pod. This is no bad thing, as the fantastic ensemble, and headliners from Strictly Come Dancing Robin Windsor, Anya Garnis and Louis Smith are wonderful dancers, as flexible as they are eclectic, running from breaking (Smith) to disco, jazz and a particularly saucy tango (Garnis and Windsor).

But the lack of narrative, or compere between routines, means there is no clear through-line. The three singers are superb, although too modern for some of the big ballads, and feel like padding .Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace, also Strictly darlings, proved recently with their sell-out shows that a strong storyline , parodying film noir tropes, made for a satisfying experience.

Still, there is no faulting the energy of the choreography from director Emma Rogers and  Innis Robertson, and the Broadway wit of the second half (especially Windsor’s GI Joe, trying to pick up girls, and the latter Marx Bros-style clapping routine) lifts the show to more welcome and  inventive heights.

(Lorna Irvine)

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