Nosferatu The Vampyre


Original film poster artwork

Werner Herzog’s classic 1979 horror is a wonderful example of the genre-one that sneaks into the brain subconsciously. The whole film feels infected with sickness.

The cinematography is washed-out, a bleak palette with faded landscapes and sucked of hope,joy, colour- indeed, any kind of future. Classic Herzog, in fact.

Muse Klaus Kinski, with whom Herzog had a fractious working relationship, it’s fair to say, plays the role of the Count. It’s credit to Kinski that he so terrifyingly inhabits the role : it still holds up well -a craggy,sexually predatory nightmare- if not quite as creepy as notorious oddball Max Shreck from FW Murnau’s ill-fated 1922 original,who insisted on unique demands like the leading lady’s neck.

Here,Isabelle Adjani is Lucy,the innocent, and she’s wonderful and dignified.  Bruno Ganz as Jonathon is a noble piece of casting,too,with the sad features of an Expressionist painting.

The rats,the rats,running through the town… Cross yourself, but it won’t help. Nothing will. All is lost now,after all.Surrender to the Gothic European majesty of Nosferatu. Mwahahahaha.

(Spoilt Victorian Child)


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