Review: Miss Veitch’s Roses at Oran Mor


Jenny Lee and Angela Darcy

Jane Livingstone’s play for PPP, a co-production with Aberdeen Performing Arts, is a gentle reminder of how precious life is. Sensitively directed by Ken Alexander, with a trio of fine performances, it’s a lovely character study. Jenny Lee’s posh Miss Veitch may be approaching her nineties, and increasingly a little forgetful, but she is nobody’s fool. ‘Civilisation’, she quips, ‘is becoming a steaming pile of poo emoji’.

The rapport she shares with bubbly, no-nonsense day care worker Linda (Angela Darcy) is put to the test, though, when she lets slip that she feels Linda could do better for herself than be a mere care worker. And she’s determined to match-make Linda with the night worker,initially  taciturn Euan (Paul James Corrigan) whose surly facade fades when they bond over literature and folk ballads. It seems they share a misanthropic world view too: ‘Society? It’s like the happiness Olympics’, Euan glowers.


Jenny Lee and Paul James Corrigan

The roses of the title, meanwhile, are a symbol of ephemeral beauty and lost love- Miss Veitch never married, but always wanted a bouquet of pale pink roses, done up with ivory ribbons. And of course, as sure as night follows day, Linda and Euan will meet, but will they take time to smell the roses- or let an opportunity pass them by?

(Lorna Irvine)

Photos by Leslie Black


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