REVIEW: Frankie Cosmos at Stereo, Glasgow

Greta Kline.jpg

Greta Kline photo by Landon Speers

A packed, sweaty Stereo sways and throngs to the bittersweet pop of Frankie Cosmos headed by the impish Greta Kline. Her four piece band are exponents of what taste makers like Pitchfork, 6Music etc have referred to as ‘shy pop’, but tonight the band brim with confidence, bounce and charm, even breaking into an ironic Watusi a few times.

Kline at one point tells an apalling/hilarious joke: ‘Why are clowns so hard to replace?-Big shoes to fill’. In the main, though (thankfully) she lets the songs speak for themselves- the capricious jangle of Sinister,and the heart-stopping, sad-eyed girl group inflected Outside With the Cuties which nearly makes me melt during Lauren Martin’s shimmering keyboard solo.

The songs are short,poignant and sweet, and have a little more crunch live, as with What If, Young and If I Had a Dog which at times is reminiscent of Yo La Tengo but Fool squeezes hearts most. It’s the equivalent of a tear-stained diary entry, full of disappointment, sighs and little ‘oh’s..The prosaic and wry becomes magical in their hands. Adorable yes, shy… only sometimes.

(Lorna Irvine)

Next Thing is out on Bayonet Records. Young the next single is out now.

frankie press image

Press photo contributed with kind permission

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