Edinburgh Fringe Review: ‘SKETCHUP II: The Reawakening’-The Exeter Revue

Calum Wragg-Smith; Alice Palmer, Josh Jewell, Lucy Munday, Jake Tacchi and Will Oakley comprise The Exeter Revue  at C Too, Edinburgh. And a rum bunch they are, too.

Sketch comedy has almost become obsolete in recent years, with only a handful of comics willing to take it on- from Mitchell and Webb, to the team behind underrated gem Beehive. The recent downgrading of BBC3 to internet only seemed to sound the death knell for TV comedy, particularly with regards to sketch shows.However, on the strength of these talented young people, the future looks assured, after all. There is clear potential for a TV sketch format here.


With absurdist glee, and some inventive one-liners, the team of six skip seamlessly through skits on bizarre pregnancies; post-Brexit cultural cliches, Cluedo (sic)style sleuthing, and a worrying amount of flying coleslaw.

It’s slicker than it should be, imaginative, and the enthusiasm and energy really cuts through even the weaker material, like ‘the man who invented stuff’ sketch, which never really ignites. Thanks to the cast and the fine writing quality, sketch comedy isn’t moribund yet, and rumours of its death seem a tad premature.

And is a ‘slawgasm’ a thing yet? It should be…

(Lorna Irvine)

Sketchup 2 is at C Too, 4th-13th August, 8.10 pm




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