Review: Clown Cabaret (Special Edition) Tron Theatre, Glasgow


The Ballad of the Clown Cabaret

Let me sing you the Ballad of the Clown Cabaret

It’s not the kinda thing that you see every day

Gregor scales big mountains, at least in his mind… if only his little red hat he could find

Ronan teaches mad maths, Melanie’s into Nelson

Beethoven’s lascivious digits deserve special attention

And Ruby would get it on, but she’s been dumped by text

That’s cool, she’ll run off with that audience guy who helped her  get dressed


Saras is a sad clown, drunk on her own tears

But Stanley the janitor is confronting his own fears

One day you too will finally rock out to the ‘DC

And find friends and loved ones who make it all seem easy


Until then, suck it up, as the clowns all say

And put it down to part of life’s rich tapes-tryyyy

Join ’em all in late September

For the next Clown Cabaret!


(Spoilt Victorian Child)


The Clown Cabaret Scratch Night takes place on September 29th-1st October at Tron Theatre.






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