Review: Meilyr Jones, Latitude Festival

A slightly awkward figure on stage, Welsh singer-songwriter Meilyr Jones plays baroque pop which is somewhat out of step with the indie landfill, hip acts and nostalgia for the parents in the Latitude line-up. His gorgeous anthemic stomper How To Recognise A Work of Art soars in the sun, but the more subtle, brass-infused Olivia with its teasing stop-start rhythms is almost too low-key and whimsical for those who just want to jump around with their friends.

meilyr jones

No matter- his jerky cat dance moves and sweet charisma are highly seductive . Even though the set is beset early on by tech problems, he claws it back effortlessly. Strange Emotional even flirts with Bowie’s Rebel Rebel, then explodes into a psychedelic cyclone of noise. Honeyed vocals about the fall of the Roman Empire and authenticating masterpieces make him a unique figure- and as with all great art, you must stand back to better appreciate the details.A gorgeous set, proving patience is its own reward.

(Lorna Irvine)



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