Mirabilia Festival Review: Ema Jayne Park-‘#Trans’

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Are we sitting demurely? Or manspreading? Then let us begin.

Ema Jayne Park’s study in sexuality  is a wry,clever spin on how women and men ‘perform’ gender . Dressed in a neutral grey tracksuit, Park, with a simple pout or wiggle of her hips is Marilyn Monroe. An eyebrow raise and strut,and she’s Jay-Z.

Both are as absurd as the other.Such gendered cliches have a habit of ‘leaking’ from her body. She moves sleekly between street dance and the coy, flirtatious framing of showgirls, suggesting there isn’t much between our means of attracting potential mates,and that of animals… the display of peacocks; the purr of kittens.

Dick swinging and guns as phallic objects, to be deified rather than feared, are linked, and eyelashes no longer seem fragile, but just another commodity.One eye-watering scene explores climaxes using dummies.Ultimately, the sexes blur into one.

At a time when debates around gender fluid identities are becoming increasingly mainstreamed, Park’s provocation is a timely, funny and acutely honed piece of contemporary dance.

(Lorna Irvine)


Image: Conflux

Part of Pills shows at Mirabilia Festival, Italy




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