Mirabilia Festival Review: Colette Sadler- ‘We Are the Monsters’

colette 2

There is nothing surer than work created for young children to make older audience members feel slightly trippy. Blame it on the acid-hued cartoons from the 60s, 70s and 80s if you will. Choreographer Colette Sadler’s We Are the Monsters is one such show- created especially for small kids around 4-8, it’s a dazzlingly inventive piece of dance theatre, which nonetheless feels accessible for a wider audience willing to embrace its flights of fancy.

Colette Sadler-MONSTERS

A parade of oddball ‘monsters’, created by Sadler and performed by Maxwell McCarthy,Naama Iytel, Stuart Meyers and Asaaf Hochman, defy gravity and tentatively interact in a new and strange environment.They slide, they pop up from unexpected places, and then start to sashay and krump. It’s amazing what can be done with clothes, boxes and the human form alone. Brendan Dougherty’s glitchy sound evokes rave culture, as each monster introduces their unique selling point- whether extreme bendiness, or too many feet.

The highlight has to be the monster fashion show- such egos, such booty shaking- and no more bizarre after all than some of the offers at London Fashion Week. The narrative may get rather confusing halfway through, and the moss-covered monster proves rather scary for more delicate children, but it’s hard not to become enchanted by the sheer scope of Sadler’s vision.

(Lorna Irvine)

Part of Focus Scotland at Mirabilia Festival, Italy




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