Edinburgh Fringe Preview: ‘Dancer’, Dance Base


Image: See.Imagine.Define/Sid Scott

How do we define dance? Dancer,a theatre show which has been selling out and delighting audiences since 2014, poses this question.  A collaboration between learning-disabled artist Ian Johnson, Gary Gardiner and the late Adrian Howells, it’s an exploration into what motivates us and makes us move, and also what moves us.

Suited and booted, Johnson and Gardiner take to the floor to try and make sense of their obsession. Using music from Kylie to Nick Cave,plus a few curveballs, the glitterball shines brightly, but it’s not a patch on some of their moves… Open-hearted, funny, and very touching, you may well rethink the way you relate to the dance floor, once you have witnessed this. Polish up your shoes, and join them.

(Lorna Irvine)

At Dance Base, Grassmarket, Edinburgh from August 17th-August 28th,5 pm




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