Review: Terry-‘Terry HQ’

terry hq artwork.jpg

What a debut. This quartet from Melbourne are something of an indie ‘supergroup’- although they would probably refute the term. (I’m not sure I like it either.) Charmingly comprising two couples- Amy Hill and Al Montfort, and Xanthe Waite and Zephyr Pavey, their other bands, Total Control and Dick Diver were beloved of indie music gig-goers all over Australia and beyond.

They’re all about: healthy cynicism, amazing shoes, double denim, democracy and humour.

They are against: narrow-mindedness; war, petty people, affectations and pomposity.


It’s there in their endearingly scrappy, lo-fi but melody-driven post-punk pop like Hot Heads and Third War, all songs which could implode at any given time.Prone to swapping lead vocals, they have the sass and deadpan wit to rival other punky indie renegades like Billy Childish and Kathleen Hanna.

Best of all is the ferocious call-and-response of Hang Men which they save for last.Deceptively clever, they may look like they just raided the dressing-up box, but their stripped-back songs prove the old adage ‘less is more’.Can’t say fairer than that. It’s music to make you get out of bed in the mornings.


Photos contributed.

(Lorna Irvine)

Released on July 1st on Upset the Rhythm


















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