Edinburgh Fringe Preview: ‘Cat Loud’s Wayward Girls’

Wayward Girls.jpg

Cat Loud‘s my kinda lady. Influenced by Lotte Reiniger; Bjork, Janelle Monae, Angela Carter,drag and queer culture, dandies and Magnum PI moustaches, her cabaret goes where others fear to tread. Outspoken, savvy and funny on a number of issues- from literature to slut-shaming- she’s rocked the Edinburgh Festival to four and five star reviews with her previous show, Cat Loud’s Big Night In. The Hebrides lass turned cabaret singer, real name Catriona Macleod, fuses satire, glamour and theatricality.

New show for 2016’s Edinburgh Fringe, Cat Loud’s Wayward Girls presented by Blueswater , promises more in the way of her unique spiky cabaret. This time, she “falls down the rabbit hole”, where she encounters a speakeasy, populated by “the queers, pioneers and independent souls who refuse to take ‘girl’ for an answer”.  As Cat explains , there is a darker side to the Blues tradition:

“The more I research the blues, the more I want to belong to the tradition of blues singers. So much of the blues I listen to is about common human experiences – your baby leaving you, or you leaving your baby; getting treated badly, or treating someone else badly; drinking too much; sleeping around too much; spending too much money or having no money to spend; staying in and not having fun at all – and the songs are about feeling the lightness or weight of these experiences and then sharing those feelings with whoever is listening.”

The universality of such powerful singers like Bessie Smith informs this new show- women who were uncompromising and unabashed in terms of both their vocals, and the way they lived their lives.Cat Loud’s wonderful voice, sassy vintage style and subversion will charm a whole new audience this August.

(Lorna Irvine)

Nick Patrick Photography 1

Photos: Nick Patrick

Wayward Girls is at Space @Surgeons Hall from August 5th-27th, 6.05 pm


(0131 510 2384)





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