Review: Odonis Odonis-‘Post Plague’

Post Plague album cover

Album cover artwork

This Toronto trio make snarling electro which sounds like a hornet’s nest. Restless, skittering, occasionally pure evil-sounding, fusing the best of Suicide, NIN, mid-period Depeche Mode et al. With Jarod Gibson’s thundering rhythms, they sound like a band William Gibson may have predicted in the nineties.

Dean Tzenos’ voice forever veers between angry, arrogant and angsty, like Trent Reznor before he softened, but that’s not to say there is no introspection here too. Nervous and BLTZ show the uncomfortable frotting of hard and soft mood-swings.

Fearless showcases what they do best- gritty and uncompromising electro with a strong sense of melody and defiance. This third album shows a band still finding their way, but with some interesting corners. It grows and builds the more you listen, as all the best albums do.

(Lorna Irvine)

Out on June 16th on Telephone Explosion 

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Odonis Odonis

Photo: Geoff Fitzgerald


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