Review: Jack Webb-‘The End’, Tramway

Jack Webb

Photo contributed .

The End focuses on just that- the world’s end. More than that, it focuses on endings in all their myriad forms- of relationships, trust, hope.How to start again, when things seem impossible? Acclaimed choreographer /dancer, the brilliant Jack Webb, who is an associate artist at Tramway, feels conspicuous by his on-stage absence here, as he has directed and choreographed this piece, and so sits watching the results in the audience.

The feeling though is that the piece is often a tad too long- there are moments of langour which don’t always add up to a cohesive narrative. Isolations, by the three main dancers, are brilliant, like robotic juddering outsiders, making sense of a hostile environment. Martyn Garside has a robust physicality, Rachel O’Neill and Keren Small elegantly spar with him, and a tug-of-love, full of playground politics, ensues. There is a sense of lost innocence, things undone.

The ensemble work in the middle, a fine explosion of urban dance movement, is amazing. It feels like a sophisticated flash mob by beautiful aliens- a sexy, hip-shaking quake of space disco. But it feels there is too much from the trio that we have seen before- a greatest hits package, rather than challenging new material.No matter: the sequences which do work, really work brilliantly. A bit of trimming would work wonders, and keep it tight.Webb has better, bigger, and bolder things up his sleeve.

(Lorna Irvine)

Touring throughout Scotland until 15th October.



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