Review: Chris Cohen- ‘As If Apart’


Photo by Kate Dollenmayer

He’s a musical magpie, Chris Cohen. When not playing with the mighty Deerhoof or The Curtains, he can be found making gorgeous albums like this.

His new album is a richly assured thing, with pinches of jazz in the title track  and In A Fable, all cyclical rhythms and dreamy vocal tics.

Torrey Pine and Needle and Thread are psych-soaked, but in a soft, low-key way. Cohen’s warm intimate vocals wrap around the Stereolab and Broadcast type keyboards. It’s as though indie met Laurel Canyon, but never as twee as that sounds.

Best are Memory and Sun Has Gone Away ,which are steeped in introspection and melancholy- the former,like a US Syd Barrett; the latter a pared-back, deeply hypnotic and brooding song with only metronomic piano.


Photo by Terri Nguyen

There are many artists mining the past, and many more who sound nothing but derivative, but what Cohen does, he does well- the individuality to his slightly detached voice, and his way with a hook that sticks, keeps him apart from his peers.

(Lorna Irvine)

As If Apart is out now on Captured Tracks


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