The Future’s here today: Doomsquad


Picture contributed.

How to describe the trio of siblings that is Doomsquad? Jaclyn, Trevor and Allie Blumas from Toronto could be ghost electro, spooktech, or any other as yet undefined and absurdly named sub-genre, bringing as they do elements of dance music, psych, goth and indie to the mix.

Their collaborators are equally hard to pigeonhole- eccentric avant-garde goddess Mary Margaret O’Hara lends her ethereal warble to The Very Large Array on their new album, confusingly titled Total Time, and Mike Haliechuk of Fucked Up plays guitar on closer Russian Gaze.

Having been as fascinated by the shape-shifting vagaries of dance culture as much as musical outsiders like Genesis P Orridge, their sonic soup is as imaginative as it is restless.Their compelling live shows have a reputation for bringing together both bedroom raver and hedonist alike, and they are all over the festivals this summer.

Catch them soon and claim you invented a category for them- I’m still unsure how to describe them… which is exactly as it should be. A nightmare for record shop owners.

(Lorna Irvine)


Total Time is out now on Bella Union. A tour begins on 19th May.


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