Review:’Second Hand’,Oran Mor,Glasgow


Jim (Finlay Mclean) is the owner of a struggling antiques store. When a young living wages activist, Ash, is discovered hiding in his curtains, he learns the lad has been kicked out, squatting in his loft- and-horror of horrors!- stealing his yogurt. Black cherry,mind.

And that’s about the size of this slight, but often fun offering for PPP, somewhat in the vein of a cheery,salt-of-the -earth sit-com, a la Still Game . Jim is curmudgeonly but likable. His gobby yet well-meaning health care worker Alison (Elaine McKenzie Ellis) wants to see him put into a rest home,reinstating the title’s double meaning,but the wily old chap isn’t going down without a fight, some endearingly naff gags about ‘BDSM Messenger’, and other comic misunderstandings. Of which there are many,naturally.

Paul Charlton’s chuckles come often with a fine cast, but it’s young Cameron Cunningham’s cheeky Ash who brings vitality to a gentle formula. It may be as well-worn as the trinkets in Jim’s shop,but there’s enough warmth here to sustain the piece, as well as some nice observations on the  need for community spirit and the lost charm of  dwindling cottage industry businesses.

(Lorna Irvine)


Photos by Leslie Black.


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