Review: Skating Polly-‘The Big Fit’

Skating Polly

Kelli and Peyton- not to be messed with.

Formed in 2009, Oklahoma step-sisters Peyton Bighorse and Kelli Mayo have a reputation for riotous gigs. Recently, Kelli tripped and injured herself halfway through a set- and continued to play sitting down. Props!

Such is the couldn’t care less spirit that permeates through The Big Fit, their stunning debut UK album release. It’s a beast.

Opener Oddie Moore sounds like a 1960s girl group, until it explodes in frustration. It’s this paradox of sugar and spite which makes them so exciting. Not for no reason have they recently supported the mighty Babes In Toyland who are massive fans of their music.

Lyrically, there are all shades of human emotion here: jealousy, being obnoxious, insecurity, pain, hatred, fear, love, lust and all things in-between.

Perfume For Now teeters dangerously on the brink of sweet melancholy and screaming terror, but Cosmetic Skull and  Arms Opinions are piano-stabbed epics which sound like nothing else out there: imagine a punky cabaret with a pinch of Riot Grrrl and you’re halfway there.

Nothing More and Hey Sweet may be more straightforward punky post-grunge, but the bone crunching guitars and thunderous drums are tempered by gloriously catchy melody lines which seep into your subconscious.

Don’t sleep too close to these young women- they may sing you a lullaby, but they’re likely to remove your eyeballs as you slumber…


And butter wouldn’t melt…

(Lorna Irvine)

The Big Fit is out now on Chap Stereo.



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