what am I doing wrong?

As Ned Flanders said,”Don’t worry Neddy-you’re doing super!”

Signed, Never yours but always truly

Turns out I make life complicated for myself.

For the past four years, I thought I was not qualified enough to write critically about theatre. That is, I wrote based on my feelings – how I felt about each piece of performance (which I guess is a good place to start, but it didn’t feel particularly critical as such). I felt like I didn’t know what I was talking about, or rather, that my responses wouldn’t get me very far in the domain of thinking seriously and critically about theatre. OK,  I tried to process and think about what I had seen (to be able to go beyond a sort of bland “I liked this performance because…”) but I always thought I needed to vamp up the theory and learn something more than how to write a decent critique.

A few weeks ago, I finally started an introductory course to theatre criticism…

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