The Future’s Here Today: An Interview with Nervous Twitch

NT Promo1

Band Photo: Thomas Witty

Leeds quartet Nervous Twitch make a winning, fuzzy blend of garage punk and pop hooks. I caught up with them and asked some song-related questions, as well.

Lorna: How would you describe the Leeds scene at the moment?

Erin: Recently, we’ve had the opportunity to play with some great bands in Leeds, and also with some great bands across the country. Leeds is a great city to live in- as a band, however, we don’t just stick to the Leeds scene as such; I feel as though we contribute to parts of scenes nationally.

Jay: It’s pretty diverse and there’s loads of different stuff going on.

Emma: I’m a little bit out the loop- living 35 miles away in rural East Yorkshire, now. But based on the fact we’re playing four gigs in Leeds within a month at different venues and for different promoters, I’d say it’s diverse and healthy! Some fantastic venues, old and new.

Ash: There’s some good venues around Leeds and a lot of fun to have.

Do You Know the Way To San Jose?

Erin: I don’t know, but i’m going back to buy some piece of mind!

Jay: I’m usually pretty good at geography, either the USA or Mexico!!

Emma: From Santa Cruz, I do!! Myself and my fella drove close to San Jose back in November in a Ford Mustang on our Texas to California road-trip. Oh yeah!

Ash: My memory isn’t very good when it comes to directions, and most other things.

You did an amazing session for Marc Riley recently at 6 Music- how was that?

Erin: Exciting.

Jay: It was a lot of fun, a strange scenario. Was great that we got to do it.

Emma: A slightly nerve-wracking but fantastic and fulfilling experience. Many thanks to Marc and his team for having us.

Ash: I had a great time. I feel my witch’s cackle cut through a little while Jay and Erin spoke though, hahah!

How Far Can Too Far Go?

Erin: Aahhuuuhh!!

Jay: Depends on the context!

Emma: How long is a piece of string?

Ash: Too far? Never heard of it…

Who are you all listening to at the moment?

Erin: The Cramps (as always) The Potentials, No Ditching, Les Chausettes, Chorus Girl, Shonen Knife and just got Thee Jezebels record through the record though the post today! Looking forward to giving that a listen.

Jay: Beach Boys (20/20) Television Personalities, Beast with a Gun, No Ditching.

Emma: This last week… Wire, Off! Bratmobile, Beach Boys, Radioactivity, Mr T Experience, Metallica, Huggy Bear, World Class  Wrecking Cru, Adolescents.

Ash: If you mean right now, this very second,it’s Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill. Otherwise, I’ve been listening to Shannon and the Clams, Hunx and his Punx, The Trashwomen, Frank Zappa (go-to) Chorusgirl, Outkast & The Mummies. I’m weirdly obsessed with the track Zorba the Greek at the moment. Don’t know why?! Dance? Did you say dance?!

Where Is the Love?

Erin: What song’s that? (Lorna: A truly dreadful song by Black-eyed Peas, Erin!)

Jay: Wherever you want it to be!

Emma: In a massive bag of chili and lemon crisps.

Ash: What kind of love are we talking here? Like the love of a fine cigar?

What are your plans for this year? What’s next?

Erin: We never really stop, but now we’ve done a load of gigs and had the album/single out, I guess it’s time for the next lot?

Jay: We are coming to the end of a long stint  of gigs, having done a UK tour in February, plus the upcoming Leeds dates, so I’d like to get working on some new songs.

Emma: To become the longest-serving rhythm guitarist in NT! I joined in June last year, after very quickly learning guitar. I’ll hopefully  contribute to the songwriting, get better on guitar and record with NT (all the while resisting the massive temptation to buy another Danelectro).

Ash: Not sure really, whatever happens, happens. Do some new stuff, play lots of gigs.

How Soon Is Now?

Erin: I preferred The Cramps…

Jay: Too soon probably!

Emma: Meat IS murder.

Ash: Pretty soon, I guess.

(Lorna Irvine)







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