REVIEW: ‘Face: Morag’ at Oran Mor

A Play, A Pie and A Pint

Photos by Leslie BlackMORAG 1

What’s behind a face? Who do we keep hidden away from everyday eyes?

Last week, Peter Arnott’s Isobel took centre stage- this time, it’s twin sister Morag’s turn.

Morag, who hasn’t seen a penny of her mother’s inheritance, despite looking after her to the point of compassion fatigue, has had enough. Enough of … well… people.

Her misanthropic outbursts are matched only by her sense of self-denial. Morag, you suspect, has always been an old soul- burdened by always doing the right thing for others. Yet, her railing against the world, as un-PC in its way as Isobel’s ( focusing on smelly men in libraries, and the poor) is fuelled by something different- sorrow and isolation- ever the outsider in an increasingly accelerated culture- while Isobel is Queen Bee- left everything from their mother.

Again, Janette Foggo gives an outstanding performance, with excellent direction from Stasi Schaeffer: who wouldn’t feel for the underdog, the woman who insists she needs no-one, but is betrayed by her ever-darting eyes and hunched-up stance? She may be a respected teacher- if only she could teach herself to live in the moment; to just be.

Peter Arnott’s writing is beautiful, rigorous and funny, with great clarity and insight- particularly when referencing parental loss. It’s telling that she calls her mother ‘Mummy’, as the small child remains, just hidden under the sensible cardi and disapproving adult glower.

And sometimes, just sometimes, the objects of her fury are worryingly accurate. Supermarkets and Andrew Loyd-Weber have that effect on me too.




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