REVIEW: ‘Face-Isobel’ at Oran Mor

A Play, A Pie and A Pint

The story goes-there are three sides to a story: one person’s side,another person’s side and the right one.

Janette Foggo Peter Arnott’s hilarious symphony of rancour, intuitively directed by Stasi Schaefer,  features a monstrous comic creation who is, nonetheless,  as complex as she is morally dubious.

Janette Foggo’s Isobel stalks the stage like a BNP- voting panther- the kind of woman who makes Jeremy Clarkson seem politically moderate.

Railing against pretty much everything-from the school system which crushed her, to intellectualism, her self-aggrandising aphorisms flow like a cup of cold sick over the visibly delighted audience.

Talk of sibling rivalry between her and her musically-proficient twin “frumpy” sister Morag (more of whom,next week) is delivered in a flawless performance which leaves other lesser actors wanting. Her opening dig at the “Presbyterian OAPs” in the audience is jaw-dropping. Arnott’s monologue is scabrous, but hits the target each time.

Mind you, even Hitler loved his old mum,and the chink of humanity when she describes her mother’s stroke is nothing short of heartbreaking.

But then,we only have Isobel’s story. Next week is the other twin Morag’s side.

Can. Not. Wait.

(Lorna Irvine)

Photos by Leslie Black










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