REVIEW: Field Music-‘Commontime’

Field Music

The most interesting music can’t be squished into easy categories. Sunderland brothers Dave and Peter Brewis,aka Field Music, have been doing their own thing for several years now.

Sixth album Commontime continues that trend for rich experimentation, but also feels like a pop classic-albeit a woozy one.

While their odd ‘stick it in the blender’ formula is evident in skewed but perfect Disappointed, I’m Glad with its frenetic post-punk is sweetened with cooing female backing vocals,but still manages to implode in a clatter of drums.

It’s touches like this which are so endearing. The lyrics are reflective, but eccentric and wry,speaking of getting older and trying not to compromise, exemplified by The Noisy Days Are Over. It’s a spry,choppily percussive song with a saxophone break-down evocative of Bowie’s Young Americans.

The Morning Is Waiting meanwhile feels more conventional-a lovely, string-led ballad.

If there’s anything to glean from this,it’s to never second-guess Field Music. They’re always one step ahead.

(Lorna Irvine)


Out now on Memphis Industries





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