REVIEW: Mothers-‘When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired’

Photo: Evez AvissarMothers-Erez-Avissar-NEW-PIC-WEBSITE-800x386

Athens, GA quartet Mothers are really rather wonderful. This debut album is a revelation, with the enchanting vocals of Kristine Leschper both world-weary and youthfully tentative.

Produced by Deerhoof and Of Montreal uber-producer Drew Vandenberg, there is a sensitive, poetic quality, found in artists like Neil Young (when he first went solo) and Caitlin Rose.

Even Philip Glass style layers of violins are thrown into the mix in opener Too Small For Eyes. Lyrics deal in the everyday vulnerability of people, of body loathing and relationship worries in an ever-changing world, but it’s the captivating Burden Of Proof which really gets under the skin- eerie, half-demented vocals from Leschper, suggestive of sleep deprivation (know the feeling).

The stop-start grungy alt-country of Copper Mines and distortion of Lockjaw show early nineties influences, but in the main, it’s brittle unsettling waltzes like Accessory Cloud which mean the band can never be pinned down too long- restless and dreamy, like troubling hallucinations.

A gorgeous sense of disassociation from a band to look out for.


(Lorna Irvine)

Released on Wichita Recordings, February 26th.

Twitter: @mothersathens



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